APPA Members

Angelene Falk

Ms Angelene Falk

Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner, Australia

Mr Michael McEvoy
Information and Privacy Commissioner (British Columbia)

Daniel Therrien

Mr Daniel Therrien
Privacy Commissioner (Canada)

Dr. Nelson Remolina Angarita
Deputy Superintendent for the Protection of Personal Data

Ms Ada CHUNG Lai-ling

Ms Ada Chung Lai-ling
Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data (Hong Kong)

Mieko Tanno Chairperson PPC - Japan

Ms Mieko Tanno
Chairperson, PPC (Japan)

Mr. Hyun Joon Kwon
Vice President, KISA (Republic of Korea)

Dr. Jong In YOON
Chairman, PIPC (Republic of Korea)

Ken Chongwei Yang

Mr Ken Chongwei Yang
Coordinator (Macao)

Ms. Blanca Lilia Ibarra Cadena
Commissioner President, INAI (Mexico)

Samantha Gavel

Ms Samantha Gavel
Privacy Commissioner (New South Wales)

John Edwards

Mr John Edwards
Privacy Commissioner (New Zealand)

Peter Shoyer

Mr Peter Shoyer
Ombudsman and Information Commissioner (Northern Territory)

Eduardo Javier Luna Cervantes

Mr Eduardo Javier Luna Cervantes
Director of the National Authority of Data Protection

Raymund Enriquez Liboro

Mr Raymund Enriquez Liboro
Privacy Commissioner and Chairman

Phillip Green

Mr Phillip Green
Privacy Commissioner (Queensland)

Mr Lew Chuen Hong
Commissioner (Singapore)

Ms Lina M. Khan
Chair, Federal Trade Commission (USA)

Sven Bluemmel

Mr Sven Bluemmel
Information Commissioner (Victoria)

Information for APPA members, including the APPA Statement of Objectives, can be found at Resources.